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It is always handy to have a quick & unique last minute gift go to!  My go-to gift was always a tote, which I shared in a previous post, but I have discovered this free pattern by Australian Bag Designer Lorelei Jayne which is my new go to.
This cute little coin and card zipper pouch is a handy gift for anyone!
I have one to carry my essentials when using a handbag which isn’t big enough accommodate my usual wallet.  It’s the perfect size to carry my drivers licence, debit card and some cash.
My girls recently became the proud owners of their very own library cards, so I made them each one to hold their library card and borrowers reward card.  If you have a school age child who has a bus pass, this would be perfect!
This little gift is perfect for scrap busting and can be made in under an hour.  You can really tailor it to the recipient with your choice of fabrics.  My girls each chose their fabrics from my stash of scraps and I added an initial monogram to further personalize it. 
My Designer Jade 35 makes it so easy to embroidery my projects!  You need to interface the card sections so it is perfect for adding some embroidery to.  Considering the number of designs that come with the Designer Jade 35 you don’t have to limit yourself to a single monogram like I did.  You can add anything!
This free pattern also come with a larger size option, holding 4 cards on each side.  This larger sizes gives you even more space to embroider on and get creative with fabrics for your personalized gifts.
Happy Sewing!

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