Spanish Hemstitch

1 Sep 2020 Posted by Debbie Lomas

Spanish hemstitch derives its name from the 1700’s, when Spanish nuns used a hand technique to join delicate fabrics and trims with threadwork. Sometimes also referred to as faggoting, this decorative technique was precise and time consuming, joining fabrics or ribbons with lacy threadwork,...

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Pintucks! - Lets explore pintucks!

1 Aug 2020 Posted by Bree Frost

What are pintucks you may ask? Pintucks are simply a small tuck, fold or pleat in fabric, most commonly sewn on place. Small tucks are commonly sewn in parallel rows and used to decorate clothing or household items. When the tucks are very narrow, they are referred to as pintucks.

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Foot of the Month Project - Yarn Couch Pouch

24 Jun 2020 Posted by Letitia Moore

Make this quick and easy pouch. Learn to work with the different decorative stitches on your machine. The Fancy Trim Foot is simply perfect for 6mm ribbons holding them firmly in place while you stitch over the ribbon with your favourite decorative stitch.

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Funny Monster Face Masks

23 Jun 2020 Posted by HUSQVARNA® VIKING®

Use these cute, free embroidery designs to make funny monster face masks!

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Foot of the Month: The Roller Foot

1 Jun 2020 Posted by Debbie Lomas

The Roller Foot is exactly like it sounds. The foot has little wheels on each side, so it rolls over the fabric. The wheels provide downward traction and pressure to allow the feed dogs to move the fabric underneath the foot and feed correctly.

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