Special Techniques stitches.

Posted by Lena Kantis
It is slowly getting a little colder and I have for the first time this season used my open fire place in my house. It is cozy. It is time to plan for the outfits that I am going to create this season, and I really must (want)  to sew a skirt with the new sequin stitches.


It is on my list of coming projects and today when I went home from the office I did go to a store to buy some sequins. The flat one´s are the best.

Here are my material for my skirt. 


It is number three on my list for now. I still work on the lining of my rose dress, and I have started to embroider another dress, using the same pattern. Off-white with fantasy flower embroideries. Maybe I can share next week, when I have gotten a bit on the way. If you have n´t seen the video where the skirt is shown, please watch here: husqvarnaviking.com/Campaigns/Epic-pre-launch

Can you imagine, you will get "sew" much help on the way with sewing the skirt. In the new JoyOS the extended Sewing Advisor® with the on-screen tutorials, project files with illustrations and animations, you can see how to sew most of the skirt, such as the pleats, how to insert the zipper, how to sew the sequin stitches and much more. You can sew anything!


Here are some of the new stitches, I have taken pictures of the stitch out samples made here in the office.


A new category: Theme stitches; a group of four stitches designed to be sewn out together in a free dynamic combination. The combination of cars and boats are super cool.


This is the stitch I will use and my material. I can get started soon!


Happy Sewing!

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