Teaching how to sew the Make-Up bag

Posted by Lena Kantis
The first weekend of November, it is the weekend of the biggest sewing event in Sweden. I have been teaching there two years in a row. Last year I was a substitute due to the original teacher was sick. The class was about finishing UFOs and to adjust outfits that was no longer fitting.

This year I did teach one software class and two classes where we did sew a Make-Up bag. The students could choose from two different fabrics.

We did use the new Multi-Line Decorative Foot to create the inside of the Make-Up bag. As you can see on the image below, you can get lot of different results using different stitches.

We did sew on plastic too, using the Non-stick Glide Foot. It works great. We did add two pockets in plastic with velcro closure.

On the front we created a label in the Premier+ embroidery software. I did embroider mine in gold, because I can and because I did embroider on the new Designer Epic. I am a happy sewer!

On the front we did also add different layers of fabric to create a decoration. It was stitched in place with free-motion. On top of that we added buttons, pearls and crystals. Fancy!

Lastly we did sew a binding, in the same way as quilt binding. Here is the instruction if you wish to sew it for somebody. I made one change from the original and that was to make it trifold as I did  not want the pockets to get bent.  Happy Sewing!

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