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So I actually started a new dress the day before Midsummer. But then I realized that a silk dress might not be the best choice. We always play different outdoor games during the day and a barbecue can be kind of messy. I also got a request if I could make colorful pig tails, one of the games was putting a tail on a painted pig when blindfolded. I prioritized the tails.

Instead I finished the dress one week late.
The idea came from my colleague Eva in Norway. I met her the other week and she had this cool looking dress with a very special skirt. Of course I immediately tried to figure out how it was done. Eva explained and draw me this mini pattern picture.

It was really very simple. Cut two pieces of the full width of your fabric, creating a square. Then add four rectangles around it and then sew the 90 degree corners together. So easy!. I used a silk satin that was perfect to tear instead of cutting. The best way to get big straight pieces if it works on the fabric.

I actually used the wrong side of the fabric on the top and skirt and then the shiny right side on the lower squares of the skirt

The hole for the waist is created to fit the top pattern of your choice. I chose a loose fitting draped top Anda #7969 found here: , but it can easily work with a more fitted type.

When I finished the edges of the sleeves and neck I used a clever technique that work nicely on delicate fabrics. Fold in the seam allowance of the fabric and stitch a regular zigzag over the edge. It looks similar to a rolled edge. Cut away the excess fabric and you’re done. It is so soft and flowy and I got many compliments wearing it for the first time today! :)

I also made a cute matching bracelet, but I will show you that next week.

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