TruEmbroidery™ 3 Software Newsletter July 2015

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This month we will take a look at the View Modes feature in all applications and Resize settings in TruE™ 3 Modify.

ICONS - Different View Modes are very useful in TruEmbroidery™ software. In the TruE™ 3 Studio and TruE™ Studio applications the modes consist of 3D View, 2D View, and Realistic 3D. In TruE™ 3 Modify and TruE™ Modify the modes are 3D View, 2D View with Stitch Points, and 2D View without Stitch Points. Finally, TruE™ 3 Create and TruE™ Create have 3D View, 2D View, and Outline View. READ MORE...

TIPS AND TECHNIQUES - You can resize in the TruE™ 3 Studio and TruE™ Studio applications, but for more control it is recommended to use TruE™ 3 Modify and TruE™ Modify. You can adjust the settings that allow you to influence the way the design is resized by changing the settings in Preferences. This helpful feature is available both in TruEmbroidery™ 3 ELITE and the original TruEmbroidery™ software. READ MORE...

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