Embroidered ear rings!

Posted by Lena Kantis
It is the first week that I am back in the office!
It is great, look forward to get started with all new projects! Very exciting!
As I wrote last week, I made a present for my daughter Johanna; I embroidered earrings for her birthday.
(I made a pair for me as well, as it did fit four earrings in the 120 x 120 mm hoop).


It is stitched on water soluble stabiliser together with a layer of very thing organza. Swarovski crystals are added as a glam factor! Such a quick and easy gift! Very convenient if you are sending them in a letter!


You can choose you own style: This is golden metallic!
There are several earring embroideries that can be found at myEmbroideries.
I had another idea as well for present; here is what I will continue to work on. Letters in decoration is still very trendy. I will make a cushion. Here is what I found for inspiration at a hotel in China.
I think this could be done both as an appliqué or create as an embroidery in our fantastic Husqvarna Viking 6D embroidery system. Have to try!

Until next time!

Happy sewing!

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