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I am a bit curious to find if you did sew any of the sewing projects in our Holiday Calendar? 
I did! I must tell you that I did sew half a dozen of the small aprons! Both in blue and in pink!

I had a lot of fun sewing the aprons for the small children, ages between 3-5 years old.
For three girls and three boys. The fabric is a cotton with a thin layer of coating to make it easy to wipe without having to wash it in the washing machine each time the children have used them.

To sew around the aprons and the pocket of the apron, as well as the long piece of bias binding for drawstrings are all sewn on the Adjustable Bias Binder Foot.

I did change one thing only from the original instruction and that was to add a bias binding as a channel. In the channel it is the easy to add the drawstring and make it adjustable. See the image below.

In the new Premier+, there are several new fonts. My new favorit is the font in the Category Retro, by the name Jingo 25-55mm. It is super cute and I think it did fit perfectly with the pattern of the fabric too. Win-win! 


Here is one embroidery sewn on my Epic in the sewing studio here in Huskvarna.

Of course there are other new fonts as well. The fun part is to choose! 

Here is the link for the apron if you want to try it! 

Happy Sewing!

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