Busy week having fun embroidering on the Designer Epic!

Posted by Lena Kantis
I am writing sewing instructions this week, and while I do that I am running the embroidery machines in the sewing studio. The samples that I am embroidering will be out for the shows that our sales companies will have during September and October. First country that will need samples will be Denmark followed by Italy.

Here are the crowns I have embroidered from the Tiaras and Crown collection #295. Three so far! Rayon thread in shades of pink on two of them, one i pastel green and with sparkling crystals, I think most girls would love one of those. I will embroider a Tiara next week.


Helene has finished some nice samples too! Here you can see samples from the embroidery collection Mosaic #288. She combined embroidery with using the Piping Foot , Edge Joining Foot and the 7 hole cord foot with threader. Presser feet are fantastic to use for decorating as you can see. Helene used it with sparkling cords and yarn to make the pillowcases look very nice. On the projects you can see the list of accessories she has used.


I am very lucky as I get to embroider on the Designer Epic for the first time. 
Easy to learn and with the new app I can still sit in my office writing the sewing instruction and the Designer Epic is in the sewing studio. Convenient in deed. See the video about the app and the sewnet. One of my favorite features!

When embroidering on the new DESIGNER EPIC™ sewing and embroidery machine you will receive instant updates - all with the new mySewMonitor App. See the video for more information!

When embroidering on the new DESIGNER EPIC™ sewing and embroidery machine you will receive...
When we are out making videos and taking photos, we are photographing a little behind scenes, here you can see a couple from making the videos for the Designer Epic.




Happy Sewing!

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