Stop and Sew the Roses

Be inspired by the beauty around you. The romantic, feminine appearance of the EDEN ROSE™ sewing machine and its unique features will inspire you to create your best projects.


The classic cut of this dress makes it suitable for many occasions. Thanks to the bright, large rose print on the fabric the dress is transformed to a modern piece that will make heads turn.

For that perfect result on gatherings around the waist, the Gathering Foot gets the job done effortlessly. Also, note the detail of multiple bands along the hem. We used the Braiding Foot for easy and precise attachment of the decorative bands.

EDEN ROSE™ Girls Top

Have a look at this girls top and see how the piping without the ”pipe” gives gorgeous edgings on the garment! A handy tip on how to do innovative and beautiful edgings in fabric of your choice. Use the Clear Piping Foot as instructed. After sewing on the piping to your fabric, pull out the string from the piping. Press. Now you have precise and gorgeous looking edgings for your garment!

EDEN ROSE™ Napkin Ring

This charming Napkin Ring was made using all of the three presser feet in the Free Presser Foot Kit that comes with the machine. See sewing instruction for details.

The rose can be altered in countless ways. Perfect for decorations on garments and belts. Or as accessories for hair or added on anything that you think needs that romantic touch. There are no limitations!

Download Sewing Instruction


The EDEN ROSE™ 250C sewing machine offers many beautiful decorative stitches as well as alphabets. Perfect when making personalized labels and tags. Using a Twin Needle adds an extra dimension of detail.

EDEN ROSE™ Accessories

Use the Gathering Foot that comes with the EDEN ROSE™ sewing machine to make accessories in no time! The Presser Foot Kit contains three optional presser feet for specialty sewing:

Gathering foot
Gather fabric or gather and attach a ruffle in one-step.

Clear piping foot
Create piping and easily insert it into seams and edges.

Braiding foot
Couch or stitch braid or cord for decorative embellishment.