DESIGNER RUBY Royale™ Prince Crown

Create a one-of-a-kind crown for your special little prince with this simple technique and pattern. Decorate with beautiful stitches like the dimensional stitches. Perfect when escorting his princess to the ball.

Cut and sew:
Print and cut out the pdf pattern. Cut the crown in fabric that does not fray, we used silver metallic fabric. Spray with temporary spray adhesive. Back the crown with a felt fabric. Sew around the upper and lower edges with a straight stitch. Cut the felt around all edges leaving a 1/8” outside the silver fabric.
Add a piece of 1.6” (40mm) wide elastic in the open short edges for adjustable size. Attach with a straight stitch

Cut a strip of matching fabric and decorate with dimensional stitches. Press the edges and stitch on the crown with a straight stitch.

Download Pattern
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