Swedish Holiday Treats


Traditional Swedish Pepparkakor

"These thin, crispy spice cookies are a Christmas tradition in Sweden. They're usually cut into heart, flower or star shapes. Dusting your cookie cutters with flour will make it easier to cut the dough." — Eal (user on allrecipes.com).

Make your own by using this reciepe found on the allrecipes website.

Swedish Saffron Buns

"These traditional Swedish-style saffron buns are frequently baked around Christmas time. They are a very tasty and lovely tradition!" — CAMILLAAA (user on allrecipes.com)

Make your own with this recipe.

Swedish Glogg

"Authentic Swedish spiced wine. The recipe is from Great-Aunt Freda, brought from Sweden in the early 1900's." — Gwynne  (user on allrecipes.com)

Get in the swedish holiday spirit by making your own with this recipe from allrecipes.com.

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