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There are always new and exciting things going on in the office and even though I can't tell you exactly what, since it's a secret until launch, I still want to show you a sneak peak;

When a machine is almost ready for launch, we create the marketing campaign, sew the projects and shoot all the pictures.


As a product specialist, I'm there to make sure that everything is correct on and around the machine, but usually my hands are the ones shown in the pictures as well.



When we shoot at the location I have the same
type of job to make sure everything machine
related is correct.




It's only my hands that needs to look good :)

There is a big team behind the scenes, photographer, film team, assistants, models, stylist, art director and specialists.

On the wall in this setting you can even find a cute little dog mini pincher Morris! :) 

You will see more of this campaign in September

Kram Carina

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