OPAL™ Multi-Color Quilt

<p> Every home needs a beautiful quilt. This Multi-color Quilt is used as a bedspread quilt and adds a lot of character to the room. Piecing is done easily using the SEWING ADVISOR&reg;. Simply select material and sewing technique and the SEWING ADVISOR&reg; determines all the settings. The large sewing area provids plenty of space for the stippling.<br /> <br /> The Built-In Sewing Fonts is handy when personalizing your project. The text appears in real size on the Monochrome Screen before sewing which made programming easy. Save your favorite stitch program in one of the sewing machines many memories.<br /> <br /> <a href="/SiteMedia/EN/Documents/Opal/Opal-Multi-Color-Quilt-ENG.pdf" target="_blank">Download the sewing instructions for the Multi-color Quilt (PDF)</a></p>
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