Valentine's Day

Posted by Carina Thavelin

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow and here are some tips and hints on how to decorate your gifts for tomorrow or any other special day.

We all have a lot of fabric, don’t we? In my sewing room I have 4 wardrobes full.

A nice way of wrapping your gift is actually using fabric. The Valentine red gift is wrapped in a nice red fabric with little cute hearts. Then I added a wider strip silk and finally I used a fast turn to create a thin ribbon and a bow.For that personal finishing touch I created free standing lace letters with the initial of the recipient and embroidered stars.

Free standing lace letters

I came up with this idea a couple of Christmases ago, when I wanted numbers to decorate my Christmas candles.Now I wanted to use the same technique to personalize my Valentine gifts.

I created letters using the 5D Design Creator and the function Crosshatch Fill and Satin outline. Then I embroidered them on water soluble stabilizer. It’s really quick and easy and the result is a nice free standing lace letter. Or number, or shape, there are so many options.




Another idea I’ve had is to make stars, I really love the star shape, and here is a nice way to create something versatile for both decorating gifts and use as a key ring. I digitized a star in 5D Design Creator just by using a triple stitch and embroidered it on faux leather, cut them out and added an eyelet for fastening.

You can add them as decoration on almost anything and why not use them as a key ring. Then the gift decoration becomes a gift itself.

These two stars are on the way to my brother and his wife...Shhh…don’t tell them!

You can find instructions for both the letters and stars here: These do not include the basic steps so you should have some knowledge about Design Creator. Happy Sewing



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