Textured Mug Rug

A mug rug is a placemat but smaller. It will be the perfect size for your cup of tea or coffee, with a little extra space on the side for your pastry. The mug rug is made of a small piece of fabric combined with some ribbons in the Texture Hoop. Read the instruction how to make it and download the free embroidery file. Enjoy!

What you need:
  • HUSQVARNA sewing and embroidery machine
  • Texture Hoop (Item no. 920225096)
  • Cotton fabric for back and binding, 12”x9” (31x22cm)
  • Cotton fabric for front, approx. 12”x12” (30x30cm)
  • INSPIRA® Tear-A-Way Stabilizer (Item no. 620112296)
  • INSPIRA® Aqua Magic
  • Batting 10”x6½” (25x16cm).
  • 3 decorative ribbons, ½”x10” (1.5x30cm)
  • Rayon Embroidery Thread

Hoop stabilizer and fabric in the Texture Hoop with the larger amount of fabric to the left. Place the ribbons where you prefer. We placed the ribbons centered under each large swirl of the embroidery.

Secure the ribbons with the clips provided with the hoop. Place water soluble stabilizer on top and baste in place using the basting function on your embroidery machine.

Continue to embroider all color blocks. Remove the fabric from the hoop, remove excess stabilizer (both tear away and water soluble. Dissolve the excess water soluble stabilizer in luke warm water. Allow the fabric piece to dry.

When dry, press and trim the piece to be 10”x6½” (25x16cm).

Place the backing fabric right side down. Place the batting and the front piece centered on top. Let approximately 1¼” (3cm) of the backing fabric exceed around the edges of the quilt top. Pin in place.

Fold the backing fabric twice and fold to the front of the mug rug. Snap on the Left Edge Top Stitch Foot. Stitch together to bind your quilt.

Download Design

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