Tablet Stand

Make this great tablet stand to conveniently hold your tablet. You can use it whether you are lounging around watching a movie or in the kitchen cooking. Download the free embroidery and make your very own tablet stand.

What You Need:
  • HUSQVARNA VIKING® sewing and embroidery machine.
  • Black fabric 18½”x12” (47x30cm)
  • Black fabric for “stopper” 4”x9” (10x23cm)
  • Beige fabric 18½”x12” (47x30cm)
  • DESIGNER™ Royal Hoop (360x200cm)
  • INSPIRA™ Tear-Away Stabilizer, 18½”x12” (47x30cm)
  • Rayon Embroidery Thread
  • Bobbin Thread
  • Sewing Thread
  • Fiber fill
  • Plastic tubing 8½” (21cm) approx. diameter ¾” (2cm)
  • Cardboard or vinyl place holder to stabilize the bottom

Download the embroidery design and bottom template.

1. Embroider
Our design is embroidered on two different fabrics. Hoop fabric and stabilizer, but make sure the fabrics overlap (as pictured below).

2. Cut the Flower
Once the embroidery is finished, remove the hoop and excess stabilizer. Cut away the black fabric (to the left), following the edges of the flowers. For a greater effect, also cut inside the flowers.

3. Sew the Side and Bottom
Trim the front piece to 12”x18½” (30x47cm) with the flower embroidery centered. Fold the front piece in half right sides together.

Sew the fabric together as shown below, leaving an opening for turning it right side out. Trim the seam allowances in the corners.

4. Sew the “Stopper”
To make the tablet more secure on the tablet stand, we have created a “stopper” for the tablet to lean on. Take the small black fabric piece and fold in half lengthwise, right sides together. Sew the short ends together and turn right side out.

Insert the plastic tubing and sew the stopper closed (as shown below).

5. Sew the Body
Fold the tablet stand body so that the open short side is towards you. The side seam should be centered and facing down. Place the “stopper” in the opening so that the tubing part is inside the tablet stand.

Sew together and turn right side out through the opening in what is now the bottom.
To make the tablet stand more secure, sew a seam about ¾” (2cm) from the “stopper”.

6. Cord Collector made of Button and Buttonhole
Attach a button about 3” (8cm) from the bottom tip of the tablet stand (How far up on the tablet stand you place the button determines the angle of the finished tablet stand). Sew a buttonhole at the tip of the tablet stand. Make sure the size of the buttonhole fits your button. Fold the tip up and button.

7. Fill and Sew Together
Fill your tablet stand with fiber fill (make it quite hard). Insert a cardboard bottom to make the tablet stand more stable. We cut out a bottom from a vinyl place mat. Find the template as a download (You might need to adjust the bottom to fit your tablet stand).

Sew the opening closed.


Download Template Download Design

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