Small embroideries - big effects

Posted by Lena Kantis
First let me show you, the new Christmas Lace kit. Last year when I was in China, I bought my self a smal Christmas tree,and I realized the Christmas Lace designs I did embroider was a bit too big for my small tree. I did ask the Embroidery design center what if they could possibly consider making some smaller Christmas Lace embroideries, 
Now- Voilà here they are!!! I am happy, happy!

If you want to decorate the Christmas Tree ornaments like above.
You need to do like this: When they Christmas Lace has been rinsed from the Water soluble stabiliser. You need to let it dry on the ornaments. When it has dried, you can glue it with a textile glue. Finally add some crystals! Beautiful. You can add it on other things as well, I am thinking on candle light holder and things like that.

Felting, the newest technique! Fun, fun, fun! I have sewn a few of the very small felting flowers. I sort of fell in love with them as we used them in the "Create Holiday Magic" projects. See how we used them in the rustic setting in the barn. I will use mine as below, as napkin rings. I think that will look very cute with small pieces fro of my winter green bushes in the garden.
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