Open Toe Free Motion (Floating)

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The Open Toe Free Motion Spring Foot gives clear visibility when doing free motion quilting or embroidery. Because of the open front, you can easily do stippling or follow a design in the fabric. The spring action keeps the fabric from lifting with the needle as the stitch is being formed which helps eliminate thread breakage with specialty or heavier threads. Be sure to use the appropriate needle for the thread you are using.

Other information

For Sapphire series, select Free Motion Spring Action on the Set Menu. For DESIGNER™ series, select Sensor Q Foot on the Set Menu.
1. Remove the ankle and put on the Open Toe Free Motion Spring Foot.
2. Bring the bobbin thread to the top by taking one stitch.
3. Lower the presser foot.
4. Sew, moving the fabric as desired to quilt the fabric, or create a free motion design. Move the fabric in a smooth motion, moving the fabric faster as the speed of the machine is increased. You are creating the length of the stitch as you move the fabric.

Not for OPAL™ series


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