Meet your match, maker.

The bigger the idea, the more important the tool which brings it to life. Fortunately, finding your perfect machine is the easy part. Just tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll run and grab it.

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  • The best just got better! DESIGNER EPIC™ 2
    We are proud to introduce to you the DESIGNER EPIC™ 2 sewing and embroidery machine. Made for Sewers, by Sewers™, this machine is made with you in mind, packed with new innovations to enhance your craft. 

    Whether you’re sewing, embroidering or quilting, the DESIGNER EPIC™ top-of-the-line machine enable you to fulfill your greatest ideas. The first and only smart machine, thoughtfully created for you!

    The DESIGNER BRILLIANCE™ 80 is delightfully intuitive, uniquely capable, and especially designed for the imaginative sewer with big and bright ideas.
  • EPIC™ 980Q

    The EPIC™ | 980Q sewing machine is our most advanced and comprehensive computerized sewing machine ever. Made for Sewers, by Sewers™ to set your imagination on fire.


    Our top-of-the-line sewing and embroidery machine gives you the royal treatment in every stitch and delivers brilliant results.


    A modern sewing and embroidery machine with Interactive Color Touch Screen, Design Positioning feature and built-in assistance.


    A modern sewing and embroidery machine with a Color Touch Screen, as well as a large sewing and embroidery area, built-in assistance, and the EXCLUSIVE SENSOR SYSTEM™ feature.

    Bring your dreams to life with the HUSQVANRA VIKING® BRILLIANCE™ 75Q sewing machine. Innovative features designed for the proud sewist and quilter. 

    Ideal for embroiderers who appreciate extra space, more stitches and our exclusive features that offer built-in assistance.


    A sewing and embroidery machine with great capacity offering EXCLUSIVE SENSOR SYSTEM™ and a large sewing and embroidery area. Great value for money!


    Want to turn your creativity up a notch? Let embroidery work its magic! The DESIGNER JADE™ 35 sewing and embroidery machine is the ideal model for personalizing any project.

  • SAPPHIRE™ 965Q

    With its Interactive Color Touch Screen and features like the EXCLUSIVE SENSOR SYSTEM™ and the Straight Stich Plate, this machine is ideal for quilters.

  • SAPPHIRE™ 930

    With features like the EXCLUSIVE SENSOR SYSTEM™ and Exclusive SEWING ADVISOR™ this machine will give you ease and convenience.

  • OPAL™ 690Q

    A modern computerized sewing machine with great quilting features and the EXCLUSIVE SENSOR SYSTEM™ that helps you go from good to great sewing!

  • OPAL™ 650

    A modern computerized sewing machine with loads of built-in assistance to help you go from good to great sewing!

  • H|CLASS™ 200S

    Fast serging, easy threading and professional results.

  • EMERALD™ 116

    A sewing machine ideal for all types of sewing with many practical features you will love.

  • HUSKYLOCK™ s21

    Ease of use in combination with large sewing space gives you professional serging results!

  • H|CLASS™ 100Q

    A small lightweight sewing machine for travel and classes or perfect if you're new to sewing.

  • H|CLASS™ E20

    Everyone can sew and turn their sewing ideas into reality with this easy-to-use sewing machine.

  • H|CLASS™ E10

    A sewing machine that is easy-to-use and comes with a variety of features and accessories to get you started.