Spanish Hemstitch

Posted by Debbie Lomas
Spanish hemstitch derives its name from the 1700’s, when Spanish nuns used a hand technique to join delicate fabrics and trims with threadwork. Sometimes also referred to as faggoting, this decorative technique was precise and time consuming, joining fabrics or ribbons with lacy threadwork, leaving a space between them to feature the decorative stitches.


With the advances in modern technology and sewing machines, this beautiful technique is easy to do using your Spanish Hemstitch foot part number H4130648-45.  The foot is specifically designed to combine with a Distance Plate that simply clips onto the needle plate. The plate gives even spacing in between the two layers of fabric, with the decorative stitch ‘catching’ either side of your project.


Once you have your machine set up, it is a s simple as selecting a decorative stitch to join the two pieces together. As always, practice makes perfect, so try a few stitched to decide which one you like the best. It is recommended to avoid stitches with side motion or stitches with too much motion forward and back.

The edges of your garments will need to finished, so press a seam allowance if necessary. Place the pressed edges on each side of the Distance Plate. With a long tail thread, hold these threads until the needle is catching the fabric. It may stitch in the ‘air’ for several stitches, before catching the fabric. Continuing sewing, holding the edges gently together in front of the foot.

For more option and variety, place decorative threads in the groove in the centre of the Distance Plate for even more embellishment.
This method is perfect for attaching lace, adding embellishment to curtains or joining fabric for extra wide tablecloths.

This month, Cath show as how to make a T-shirt Trade-Up using the Spanish Hemstitch foot. Using a simple T-shirt, Cath has added a decorative collar and lovely tails to make this T-shirt to truly suit her personality!
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