Foot Of The Month Project: Funky Mini Wallet

Posted by Debbie Lomas
Have you ever had trouble when sewing thick seams getting the stitch length nice and even or when quilting, not getting puckering? Then you need the Husqvarna Viking Interchangeable Dual Feed foot!
Firstly, what is an Interchangeable Dual Feed foot?

A dual feed foot is often also known as a walking or even feed foot. The foot is designed with a set of ‘teeth’ which sit on top of the fabric. The top ‘teeth’ grips the top layer of fabric and helps move it under the needle at the same pace that the machine’s feed dogs are moving the bottom layer of fabric. The fabric is feeding in two concurrent (dual) places, on the top and on the bottom. This means the whole project is feeding through evenly, eliminating puckers and slipping of fabric.
Picture-2.pngThe Husqvarna Viking Interchangeable Dual Feed Foot is uniquely designed to beableto change the foot plate and customise the foot plate to what you are sewing. The Dual Feed Foot comes with 2 changeable presser feet, the Changeable Straight Stitch Foot and the Changeable Zig Zag Foot. As always, we also have optional accessories feet we can use with this foot –
  • The Changeable Open Toe Foot - perfect for sewing satin stitch applique and decorative stitches. The tunnel on the underside of the foot feeds smoothly and the open front gives greater visibility and a great overview of the stitches.Picture-3.png
  • The Changeable Quilters Guide Foot – perfect when stitching in the ditch along a seam line. The foot has guidelines to make it easy to accurately turn corners for ¼” (6mm) or 1/8” (3mm).
  • The Changeable ¼” Guide Foot- perfect for sewing heavy fabric in straight stitch, with the guide keeping the constant ¼” (6mm) distance.
  • The Changeable Decorative Foot- perfect when sewing in the ditch along a seam line or sewing a decorative stitch. The metal guide in the centre of the foot helps you when guiding the fabric.
So, we have all your needs covered!Picture-4.png

Ok, the Interchangeable Dual Feed Foot is perfect for quilting, but is that all?
I am glad you asked! There are many uses for the Interchangeable Dual Feed Foot. Although it is typically used for patchwork and quilting, it is also an excellent foot for sewing velvet, some stretch fabrics, imitation leathers and fabrics that need accurate pattern matching.
The Funky Mini Wallet is a small project where I have used the Interchangeable Dual Feed foot to sew many layers of fabric together. The multiple layers as well as the ‘thicker than normal’ cork fabric would have been a struggle to sew without this foot. Potential issues such as uneven stitches, misalignment of layers and fabric puckering are all alleviated when using the foot.
The Funky Mini Wallet is both versatile and practical in design and use. It can be tailored to any occasion, from glamorous to casual. One of these wallets will not be enough!

Have fun making your version today!

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