Foot of the Month: The Roller Foot

1 Jun 2020 Posted by Debbie Lomas

The Roller Foot is exactly like it sounds. The foot has little wheels on each side, so it rolls over the fabric. The wheels provide downward traction and pressure to allow the feed dogs to move the fabric underneath the foot and feed correctly.

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My Top 5 Sewing Tools

26 May 2020 Posted by Christine Keevers

Christine shares with her top 5 sewing tools, she cannot simply live without. Over the years she has spent sewing is that a sewist is as only as good as their tools.

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Foot Of The Month Project: Funky Mini Wallet

1 May 2020 Posted by Debbie Lomas

Have you ever had trouble when sewing thick seams getting the stitch length nice and even or when quilting, not getting puckering? Then you need the Husqvarna Viking Interchangeable Dual Feed foot!

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Life's Too Short... To let the pretty dress hang in the closet

26 Apr 2020 Posted by Christine Keevers

Christine is here to help us break out of the mould and change the way we view oursleves and our wardrobes. Find out how she did it through sewing.

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Serger Mask

21 Apr 2020 Posted by Diana Cedolia

Making lots of masks? Sewing them with a serger may save you some time!

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