Visible in the dark

Indsendt af Carina Thavelin

Even though we're longing for spring here in Sweden right now, we recently got snow again.... Right when we got used to the sun and listening to the birds singing. In winter time or whenever it's dark, it's important to be visible.

A fun way of using reflexes is to create them yourself. Here in Sweden you can find reflex fabric or wide ribbons per meter. By using Cutwork Designs, you can embroider nice flower and wear as a brosch. They are both nice looking and useful! :)

I used a design from Husqvarna Viking Embroidery Collection #228. I sewed one in the actual size and scaled one down 20% on the screen in my machine.

Then I glued both flowers on to a regular pin and added some pearls for extra effect.

I think it turned out really nice, wear them yourself or why not as a small gift to friends, we all need to glow in the dark! :)



  Kram Carina

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